Curriculum vitae of Remigius Wagner


Remigius around 2014 in Varanasi, India.After primary school in Rapperswil SG, Switzerland, I attended high school in Appenzell for seven years and I graduated there with the Matura.

My first professional training was as a secondary school teacher in Fribourg, which I completed with a diploma and practised as a teacher for three years. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to continue studying. There seemed to be so much still to be discovered and experienced.

My second professional training was art history, comparative linguistics and computer science at the University of Fribourg, which I completed with a licentiate in 1991. It was the first degree from this university with such an unusual but highly sought-after combination of subjects. This was followed by professional stages as Head of Collection Inventory at the Historical Museum in Basel, as Project Manager for a network of several libraries of the Federal Administration and as Head of IT Services for 12 Roman Catholic churches in Bern and the surrounding area.

In 2000 I started my own company Kulturinformatik, mainly for internet and IT projects in the field of culture. Soon I developed courses and led workshops in project management and cultural informatics. I was also involved in professional associations.

In several study trips I wanted to discover foreign cultures, especially in several stays in India to deepen their art, life culture, Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda. Bodywork and meditation became an important complement to my project- and technology-heavy profession.

The illness and death of my mother in 1998 prompted me to learn more about the essence of life, end-of-life care and life beyond our earthly life. Since then I have occasionally accompanied seriously ill and dying people, among others in the hospice service.

Through training as a mental coach and trainer and as an adult educator, my offerings have expanded. I have accompanied more and more people, groups and organisations with additional methods that take into account systemic connections and new fields of consciousness in addition to visions and pragmatic solution finding.

In 2008 I was attracted to integral philosophy and life practice, to which I dedicated myself enthusiastically for the next 14 years. I have been involved in various organisations in the integral field and still do so to some extent.

My personal interests of relationship, sexuality, spirituality and personal development have turned into an in-depth study which has led to a new vocation with couples counselling, sex education, meditation practice and personal development for adults. In 2020 I also completed Martin Ucik's training as an Integral Relationship Group Facilitator and have been attending related trainings ever since. I organise and facilitate self-awareness groups, offer coaching and workshops and am an author.

I was allowed to take over two houses from my ancestors in 1998 and 2012, which provide me with a small, regular basic income. Since then, I have been able to take a more relaxed approach to acquiring professional assignments and devote myself primarily to those qualities that, in my view, should be accompanied into reality. One of my houses, which is 460 years old, I have been having restored step by step since 2018 and wish that a house community with a non-profit orientation will emerge in the next few years. With inner fire I dedicate myself to new forms of living and working together. Until that is a reality, I rent out holiday flats and guest rooms, and sometimes I offer weekend seminars in my house in Appenzell and other places.

Remigius im Winter vor einem Stall

With all the interesting topics and challenges, my energy has waned somewhat. I am at an age where people normally retire. For me, too, it is a question of finding the right mix of basic attitudes and activities for the next phase of my life.

Over the last thirty years I have gone through a process of change, from being a scientist and entrepreneur with the claim to be (at that time) one of the pioneers and best in his field, to being a part-time yogi and voluntarily active person who no longer has to do anything, but is simply allowed to do what seems meaningful, necessary, sustainable and fulfilling. It was sometimes demanding to deal with the challenges of these inner and outer changes, e.g. earning less income, being confronted with financial uncertainties, being less in demand as a professional, changing from a professional idiot to a more holistic person, not wanting to be anything special anymore, letting feeling and intuition have a say in addition to rational thinking, letting go of a lot of old patterns and surrendering with presence, flow and gratitude to what will come my way.

Remigius around 2014 in Varanasi, India.
Remigius in winter 2018 in front of a stable in the mountains